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I guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you are not satisfied with the workmanship of your custom rod, return it and I will re-wrap it. If you are still not satisfied, I will refund your entire amount paid.


All my custom fishing rods come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty covers craftsmanship defects. Problems with finish, wraps, guides, handles and reel seats becoming loose or disengaging from the blank are covered and will be repaired at no cost if the cause is determined to be other than abuse, neglect or misuse of the rod.


All problems, breaks or failures relating to the blank itself are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. If the rod blank is found faulty by the manufacturer and a replacement blank is provide under warranty, I will re-construct your rod on the new blank at one-third to one-half the original price, depending on the rod model.

Any damage to guides or other components through abuse are not covered under warranty, but can be repaired at an hourly rate. Weathering or corrosion of components such as reel seat hardware or guides is not covered under warranty. Proper care of your rod will help prevent damage to your custom rod.

Used rods or rods sold at discount or sale prices are not covered under warranty.


If your rod blank or components come with a manufacturer’s warranty, a written copy of the warranty along with any documentation need to take advantage of that warranty in event of a failure will be provided at your request. I cannot be held accountable for manufacturer defects in rod blanks or components, but can and will help you in requesting a warranty replacement from the manufacturer.