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Build Your Own Custom Fishing Rod

Custom rod building is an art, a craft limited only by your own imagination. It is not a hard craft to learn, but one that is ever changing with new ideas, new materials and new techniques. IT IS FUN, and a very rewarding endeavor. I would like to get you started.

I am offering custom rod building classes. These would usually be one on one classes and the dates set for your convenience. Classes will be set up for either one or two days of instruction. Two day classes would include all materials necessary to complete and actually build your custom rod. Both classes would include training materials, outline manual, and personal, hands on education and instruction.

A one day class would cost $200. The two day class cost would be $300 plus the wholesale price of the rod components necessary to build the type of rod you would like. The types of rods possible are too numerous to list, but the top three possibilities would approximate as follows:

  • Inshore Spin $200 *
  • Inshore Cast $225 *
  • Trolling $300 and up *

Date(s) for classes are flexible and up to the participant and subject to my availability.

Gift certificates for classes are available.

To sign up for a class and schedule your date(s), or for more information, please contact Capt. Rick Bennett at 910-520-7661

Email: rodman @

* Prices subject to change without notice due to unforeseen rod component price changes.