Wrightsville to Carolina Beach: It's Still Hot and the Fish are Still Biting!

Hi Folks,
It seems like a rerun or groundhog day the movie. It’s hot and the fish keep biting. Now it’s the when and the wherethat is important. Redfish are biting in the ICW and the inlets as well as the river. I am having my best catches on fresh menhaden, alive or dead. Flounder are biting early, and I mean early. They are hitting live bait, menhaden or finger mullet. Spanish are biting well in the ocean.

Now here’s my report:

Inshore: Water temps are in the mid to upper eighties. But, just like us, fish gotta eat. Reds are biting best on the falling tide and flounder on the incoming tide. If you can catch the right tide in the early morning so much the better. We even had a tarpon rolling and balling bait right behind the boat today in the ICW.

Near Shore: To carry on, a few tarpon sightings and catches have been reported. Spanish macks have been biting along the beaches out to 40 feet. Sharks fishing is on.

Offshore: Kings are in deeper water 18 miles out. Some mahi and maybe a few sails are around as well. Live bait, ballyhoo or cigar minnows are the baits of choice.

Upcoming: I would guess it is a safe bet the more hot weather is in store, but it looks like we have a brief “cooling spell” coming over the nest few days…only in the upper 80’s. Fish early and fish deep for best results.

Until Next Time….
Capt. Rick Bennett
Rod-Man Charters

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